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I provide individual counselling to adults (18 years +) who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, burnout, grief, loss, pregnancy, postpartum mood changes, relationship issues, self-esteem, or feelings of being overwhelmed.

I always say to my clients "the best part of that you get to talk for an entire hour about yourself and never have to ask me how I am doing?" This is the time that I sit and listen to your story, concerns, and challenges with no judgement. In our sessions, we will explore your lived experiences which may be painful, stressful, or contributing to you feeling stuck. I guarantee we will laugh and cry. Ultimately, we will aim to improve your mental health.



I provide an objective perspective that can help clarify issues or concerns that are challenging your relationship. I provide a safe environment where I will act as a collaborator to help with building connection and regulating emotions to improve your conversations. In your sessions, I will listen and support each of you. I will help you both explore what you want in the relationship and work with you to identify solutions so you can move towards your goals. Know that couples counselling however is not only for a relationship that is struggling but it can also be a place where you and your partner can improve your intimacy and bond.

I provide Brainspotting as a therapeutic intervention using eye position to access, process, and release trauma and other emotionally challenging issues that can help you in your recovery. Trauma can occur in so many forms such as: assault; car accident; abuse; sudden loss; separation; divorce; and hospitalization. In your sessions, I will hold a safe place for you to be understood, accepted, and valued. Together we will focus on processing the trauma in a supportive space for you to experience relief of distress, to heal and to feel in control.

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